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宜蘭縣政府文化局 局長


An Incomplete Journey 

Lin Jui-Chen and His Peers Art Album

History should not be forgotten, which is particularly true as we construct the history of art in Yilan. Lin Jui-Chen (1951-1985) was born in Nanfangao, Yilan. In 1970, he entered the Sculpture Department of National Taiwan Academy of Arts. In the short years after graduating top of his class, his creativity exploded, winning major awards at various art competitions with his sculptures. He was admitted to the Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma in 1976 and graduated with honors. He stayed in Italy to further his career, only to pass away tragically in a car crash in 1985. After Lin’s untimely death, his name rarely came up in the history of sculpture in Taiwan or in the history of art in Yilan. Nor do the people of Yilan know much about such an outstanding artist who once walked Lanyang Plain.


To fill this void, the Cultural Affairs Bureau and Lin’s alma mater, National Taiwan University of Arts, co-organized An Incomplete Journey – Lin Jui-Chen and His Peers, presenting 142 of Lin’s works, along with the works of 18 other artists, who were his schoolmates at the National Taiwan Academy of Arts, alumni of the Sculpture Department, and younger students who went to the same high school in Yilan as he. As information relevant to this exhibition was scarce, it was rather difficult to organize. Fortunately, with help from Lin’s family, his schoolmates and old friends from Yilan and Banqiao, as well as his friends in Italy, we have been able to trace Lin’s footsteps on the journey seeking Lin Jui-Chen, characterizing his style and documenting his artistic career. In addition to physical exhibits, the event also offers a multimedia website with VR and audio guided tours for the public to engage in this new exhibition experience anytime, anywhere.


Lastly, I would like to thank Dean Chen Kuang-Yi of National Taiwan University of Arts and Lai Yun-Hsin, Head of the Department of Sculpture, for their dedicated curation. They meticulously interviewed every relative, friend, and acquaintance who crossed paths with Lin and derived clues with which to fill this void in Yilan’s art history. This year also marks the 70th anniversary of Lin’s birth, and the exhibition would be possible in this particularly meaningful year without the efforts of all parties involved. I hereby thank Lin’s family and friends for their generous contribution. I am also grateful for the guidance from the Ministry of Culture and assistance from the Ufficio di Rappresentanza di Taipei in Italia. Moving forward, the Bureau shall continue on the journey to promote art. We hope, through this exhibition, for all to see the unique artistic styles of Lin Jui-Chen and his peers, as well as the features of the times during which they created their art.

Director of Yilan County Cultural Affairs Bureau‭

Lu Hsin-Fang‭ ‬



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